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Sensor Environmental LLC is a small business founded in 2011 by  James Manitakos Jr., Principal. Mr. Manitakos has 29 years of experience preparing environmental health, and safety (EHS) studies for government agencies and industry. Mr. Manitakos specializes in development of programmatic environmental strategies that integrate EHS factors and legal requirements into the early planning process for surveillance, research, and communications equipment that uses the electromagnetic environment to function. The effectiveness of these types of facilities often depends on their location in relation to coverage areas and missions needs. Use of the electromagnetic environment also raises concerns about exposure of humans, systems, and activities to emissions. Our programmatic approach meets these challenges head on to minimize costs and challenges associated with system implementation. 

The founder and many of the staff of Senor EnvironmentalLLC previously worked at SRI International, where they prepared several hundred environmental documents anlyzing site locations, alternatives, and impacts of proposed surveilance, navigation, and communication facilities. We conduct siting studies for proposed deployments that  identify and compare site location alternatives against pre-determined mission technical requirements, land availability, infrastructure needs, and EHS criteria, thereby identifying the most beneficial site location. We also prepare the following types of documents to achieve compliance with EHS regulations:

  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)  Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements
  • Alternatives Analysis and Feasibility Studies
  • NEPA Scoping Reports
  • NEPA Findings of No Significant Impact and Records of Decisions
  • Little NEPA documents for compliance with state regulations (e.g. California Environmental Quality Act, Washington State Environmental Policy Act, New York State Environmental Quality Review Act)
  • Executive Order 12114 Environmental Review Documents (for actions abroad)
  • Environmental Due Diligence Assessments
  • Preliminary and Final EHS Assessment Reports.
Environmental documents prepared by Sensor Environmental LLC comprehensively cover and communicate to stakeholders the difficult issues of electromagentic compatibility and exposure of persons and activities to electromagnetic emissions. We calculate emission levels and compare them to national and international safety standards to define areas of concern. If necessary, we develop practical measures to prevent potentially harmful exposure of interference with activites.  We have communicated these results to regulators and concerned parties in hundreds of NEPA documents and has appeared in person at dozens of public meetings across the U.S. and in Europe, Asia, and Pacific Islands, thereby promoting understanding of issues, helping to obtain regulatory approval, and fostering community acceptance and support of the proposal action.

Sensor Environmental LLC