Sensor Environmental LLC
Environmental and Electromagnetic Analysis



EXPERTISE Sensor Environmental LLC provides NEPA
and related technical services. Sensor's founder is a environmental
scientist and an attorney; we conduct impact analysis that efficiently
and economically meets environmental requirements. During our many
years of experience, we have analyzed the following types of facilities and equipment:

  • Meteorological Radars
  • Airport Surveillance Radars
  • Air Route Surveillance Radars
  • Ionosphere Research Radars
  • Satellite Ground Stations and Communications Networks
  • Weather Forecast Offices
  • Upper Air Radiosonde Ground Stations
  • Fisheries and Coastal Research Laboratories
  • Oceanographic Sensor Arrays
  • Low-Level Wind Shear Alert Systems
  • Very High Frequency Omni-direction and Range Equipment
  • Instrument Landing Systems
  • Airport Traffic Control Towers

SERVICES AND PRODUCTS We assist clients during
all stages of system development and deployment. Services include:
  • NEPA project management
  • Permitting for electronic/surveillance facilities
  • Programmatic EHS compliance strategies
  • Cost, benefits, and feasibility analysis
  • Tower and antenna siting
  • "Little NEPA" compliance
  • Environmental due diligence supporting real estate acquisition
  • Calculation of electromagnetic radiation exposure levels
  • Analysis of electromagnetic hazards to fuel handling and EEDs
We are committed to serving our clients needs by preparing only high-quality work products,
on schedule and within budget. We would be honored to assist you.


Sensor Environmental LLC