Sensor Environmental LLC
Environmental Impact Analysis



EXPERTISE Sensor Environmental LLC provides NEPA
and related technical services. During our many
years of experience, we have analyzed the following types of facilities and equipment:

  • Meteorological Radars
  • Airport Surveillance Radars
  • Air Route Surveillance Radars
  • Ionosphere Research Radars
  • Satellite Ground Stations and Communications Networks
  • Weather Forecast Offices
  • Upper Air Radiosonde Ground Stations
  • Oceanographic Sensor Arrays
  • Low-Level Wind Shear Alert Systems
  • Very High Frequency Omni-direction and Range Equipment
  • Instrument Landing Systems
  • Airport Traffic Control Towers

SERVICES AND PRODUCTS We assist clients during
all stages of system development and deployment. Services include:
  • NEPA project management
  • Permitting for electronic/surveillance facilities
  • Cost, benefits, and feasibility analysis
  • Tower and antenna siting
  • Calculation of electromagnetic radiation exposure levels
We are committed to serving our clients needs by preparing only high-quality work products,
on schedule and within budget. We would be honored to assist you.


Sensor Environmental LLC